Corporate Governance

New Energy Sources has integrated the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in its business. NSE has a one-tier board (single layer board), containing executive and non executive directors. The board as a whole is responsible for managing the company. The executive directors are responsible for daily business and the non-executive directors with the general affairs and supervision of the executive directors. The board is responsible for the corporate governance of NSE.

Non executive directors

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Executive Directors

Frans Wieringa – Chief Executive Officer

Mr Frans Wieringa is active as an investor and entrepreneur since 2001. In 2009, he became the Chairman of the Stichting Duurzame Ontwikkeling Energie and in 2010 CEO of Zoneco Holding BV, winner of P-nuts award 2011. Zoneco is set up to develop and built large-scale solar energy projects. In 2013 he was initiator of Spotenergy, a company for business customers, retail chains and real estate managers, to take full advantage of the free energy market without risk. He is also a co-shareholder in Nieuw Hollands Groen N.V., the major shareholder in New Sources Energy N.V.

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