Renewable Energy

Utilising renewable energy is an effective way of making energy supply more environmentally friendly. It reduces global dependency on gas, coal and oil leading to a reduction in the discharge of greenhouse gases. Several technologies are currently being applied to convert natural energy sources like biomass, hydropower, wind and solar power into electricity, heat or cooling.

PV is a proven technology and – unlike technologies that depend on the wind, for instance – is only partially

volatile. PV is also less dependent on the supply, as is the case for biomass and biogas. These are the reasons behind NSE's focus on PV as a technology for renewable energy.

Graph of energy in coming years

Photovoltaic (PV)

The market for renewable energy is experiencing substantial growth globally. Photovoltaic (PV) commands a special position within the range of renewable energy technologies. Using PV, light is converted into electricity in one step. This so-called solar power can thus, in principle, be generated and used anywhere in the world. The global market for solar PV systems has been growing rapidly for years. This is largely the result of market stimulation programmes in various countries, the so-called FiT systems. Such systems are an economic and ecological success in several European countries, including Germany, Italy and Spain.

Other technologies

In addition to solar energy there are various other forms of renewable energy.


Biomass is a popular source of renewable energy in several European countries. It is biological waste originating from living organisms or from organisms that have recently died. It usually consists of dead plant material.


Hydropower is energy generated from flowing water that is used to drive water turbines. This source of energy is inexhaustible and no harmful substances are produced during electricity generation.

Wind energy

Wind energy is generated using turbines. An acceptable capacity requires a large number of wind turbines which leads to an increase in the chance of ‘skyline pollution’. In addition to this, the devices make noise. In order to prevent noise pollution, the turbines must be constructed away from residential areas. 

Renewable Energy