In view of its activities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a natural part of the organisation at New Sources Energy. New Sources Energy views CSR as the way of doing business for the future. At New Sources Energy, we value integrity and transparency and act responsibly towards our shareholders and employees, our surroundings and the environment. New Sources Energy expects all partners that are involved in the purchase, development and operation of the solar parks to share this attitude.

New Sources Energy's activities reflect their commitment to CSR in:

  • The development of renewable energy in general;
  • The portfolio;
  • The way in which New Sources Energy conducts business.

Due to its involvement in the generation of renewable energy, New Sources Energy is a leader in this area. The responsibility this requires is expressed in the way in which New Sources Energy develops, manages and purchases its assets. This approach is also apparent in the contracts, the interaction with employees and partners, and in the norms, values and innovation. This is the way New Sources Energy interprets the well-known three P’s: people, planet, profit.